How to get there?

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This information is especially useful for those who want to visit the peninsula of Mangistau. The regional center of the Mangistau region is the city of Aktau. From this city you can get to all interesting historical and cultural objects of the region. Therefore, here we will tell you how to get to the city of Aktau.

Railway Train Station

There is no own railway station in Aktau, therefore it is necessary to get from the station of Mangystau station (about 17 km from Aktau). Buses No.105 and taxis run between Aktau and the Mangystau railway station. The fare from the station. Mangyshlak to the city of Aktau 100 tenge - adult ticket, 50 tenge - for children. The cost of a taxi varies from 500 to 600 tenge per person (approximately, 100 Russian rubles, 2 American dollars). Taxi can be caught at the railway station Mangyshlak. Back from Aktau you can get almost anywhere in the city, but the greatest concentration of taxi drivers at the stop "Voenokomat".

Aktau International Airport

Aktau International Airport is located about 30 km from the central part of the city. The shuttle bus does not run, so you can only get there by taxi to and from the city. The cost of a taxi is about 2000 tenge (400 Russian rubles, 5 American dollars). You can fly here by flights from Moscow or Astana, Atyrau, Astrakhan or Krasnodar.


In the city of Aktau there are several city official taxi services and transport companies. In addition, the Yandex.Taxi service works in the city, as well as the mobile services InDriver and 2GIS. Moving in a city by taxi costs about 300 tenge (about 1 dollar).

City Bus

In the city there are several shuttle bus services for intracity purposes. On the site of the city Akimat (municipality) you can download and install on your mobile device the application on routes and their tracking online.

Interdistrict routes

In the city there is an inter-district bus station, from there, at your choice, either by shuttle bus (minivans), or private taxis, you can reach the centers of nearby (within 200 km.) Areas. And to the centers of distant regions to get complicated, you need to plan a trip in advance, or separately negotiate with taxi services. But, the best option for remote areas is the train from Mangystau railway station.