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A huge number of photo-video and 3D galleries of historical places of Mangistau: Feel the effect of presence
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The application provides access to object information by recognizing the QR code installed on the spot location.

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Here you will find background information on transport messages and routes to conveniently organize your trip and possible ways to get to local destinations and places

Канал «Amazing Mangystau»

About Project

The project is an interactive map of sacred (cultural and historical) objects and places of the Mangistau region. Under the sacred object are particularly revered monuments of the natural landscape and cultural heritage, secular and religious architecture, mausoleums, as well as places associated with historical and political events that have an enduring value in the memory of the people. 

Author of project
Mangistau State Historical and Cultural Reserve
The activity of the reserve is revealing, state registration, scientific research and certification of monuments, organization of conservation measures, control over conservation and restoration works, archaeological research and control over their conduct, propaganda and mass educational activities among the population.
Official web of the Department of Culture of Mangistau region