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Канал «Маңғыстаудың Киелі Орындары»

About Project

The project is an interactive map of sacred (cultural and historical) objects and places of the Mangistau region. Under the sacred object are particularly revered monuments of the natural landscape and cultural heritage, secular and religious architecture, mausoleums, as well as places associated with historical and political events that have an enduring value in the memory of the people.

Author of project
Mangistau State Historical and Cultural Reserve
The activity of the reserve is revealing, state registration, scientific research and certification of monuments, organization of conservation measures, control over conservation and restoration works, archaeological research and control over their conduct, propaganda and mass educational activities among the population.
Official web of the Department of Culture of Mangistau region

Kazakhstan is not only endless steppes, it is also a remote region of Mangistau in the very west of the country - a completely different amazing world rich in its history. The journey through Mangistau takes place in the southwestern part of Kazakhstan, on the shores of the world`s only inland sea - the Caspian. This is the land of ancient civilization, an open-air museum, which houses 11 thousand historical monuments of Mangistau under the protection of the state and international organizations.

Archaeological finds show that the region about 1 billion years ago turned out to be the bottom of the Tethys Ocean. Findings also confirm that even in ancient times, the Great Silk Road passed from Mangistau from ancient Khorezm to Khazaria, the Volga Bulgaria, Persia. Traveling around Mangistau, you can find the ancient shells of the legendary ocean, and the landscapes here are so unique that sometimes you start to wonder what foreign planet we are on. However, the history of this region and the magic of Mangistau has not yet been studied.

Mangistau is a unique natural place where you should pay attention to your travel plans. Here, "as in a reserved casket, the whole arsenal of the most diverse manifestations of the nature of deserts is collected." In Mangistau there are all kinds of landscapes and the journey is filled with diversity - from the usual journey of a historical and cultural nature to extreme types of tourism. This is the amazing difference between the "peninsula of treasures." The diversity of the soil determines the formation of a kind of flora.

We invite you to travel around Mangistau, where you can see an amazing combination of various Mangistau landscapes, unique landscapes of the Caspian coast and the desert territory of Mangistau, picturesque canyons with spring water, cultural heritage and legends, known not only in Mangistau, but also beyond. Like exotic nature, also known as the Mangyshlak Peninsula, located along the eastern part of the Caspian Sea, it is rich in historical and cultural places, almost untouched by man, with a unique peculiar flora and fauna of Mangistau, the picturesque landscapes of which will not leave anyone indifferent!

Tourism and nature in Mangistau are almost synonymous, and a journey will take you to the magical world of nature and the open culture of Mangistau. Many people think that tourism is not developed in Mangistau and Aktau, there are no comfortable conditions for a stay, but this is far from the case. Tourism in Mangistau is developing at a rapid pace on excursion routes. The city of Aktau, as the starting point of tourism in these parts, is being transformed and more adapted for guests. Nowadays, there are no problems navigating Mangistau, there are many schemes for travel and tourism. You have the opportunity to come and experience tourism in Mangistau, to conquer the peaks of the chalk mountains of Aktau and the mysterious ridges of Karatau, to visit the territory of the ancient city hidden by time and land, to walk the old caravan paths of the ancestors, to visit necropolises and underground mosques throughout the territory of Mangistau, to visit places associated with the name of the Ukrainian poet and artist T. G. Shevchenko, see priceless historical monuments and creations of nature and human hands. In history, these lands are known for the Great Silk Road, which passed here to Europe, so there is a demand for their tourism.

The nature of Mangistau pleasantly surprises many, the majority considers the trip to Mangistau peculiar, tourism special, interesting and memorable. The peninsula of Mangistau is popular among tourists and travelers, which is considered to be a place of unusual travels, cultural pilgrimage, and sightseeing as tourism. This is not surprising, since a third of all the historical buildings of Kazakhstan are concentrated in this Mangistau district. Tourism in the Mangistau region is rich in a variety of routes, miracles and inexplicable facts of nature, a trip to historical places. For example, despite the arid desert climate of Mangistau, excavations have proven the existence of wells on the Great Silk Road trail. There is a legend about 362 saints in Mangistau - in ancient times it was this number of disciples of the great Khoja Ahmed Yassaui who were sent to these lands. The purpose of their stay is the introduction and dissemination of the philosophical teachings of the righteous. And after their death, they were all buried in these places. And today, local residents and visitors to the city, honoring them, call the region 362 aulie Mangistau.

Today the question “How to get to Mangistau?” Is not so acute. or "where to live in Mangistau?", which is peculiar to the principles of tourism. This in Mangistau has its own answer, this is the city of Aktau, the regional center of the Mangistau region. It is also worth noting that a trip to the peninsula is famous for another reason that attracts the attention of tourists in Aktau - the sea beaches of Aktau, which is why tourism in Aktau is developing rapidly. The city is quite modern, the infrastructure is developed, tourism is established, the rich nature of a beautiful oasis. For accommodation, tourists are offered numerous hotels and holiday homes, some are located directly near the coast, with a convenient location for other travel and tourism routes. The beach season in Mangistau lasts from May to September, the water temperature in the sea, at this time is held at +22 .. + 24 degrees. Walking along the promenade, you should pay attention to the lighthouse, installed here in 2013, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the city. This lighthouse has a height of 3.5 meters and is a symbol and amulet of the region. It is made of stone, inside there is decorative lighting that enlivens the statics of the monument. Take a walk along the Seaside Boulevard and feel the special spirit of Aktau.

Our project on Mangistau, promotes modern travel arrangements in a virtual way, tries to demonstrate that tourism in Mangistau has many different options for visiting. Panoramas of the area, historical and cultural sites, photographs, video and audio materials are available on the site, the wealth and heritage of Mangistau is virtually revealed to you. We invite you to visit the historical lands of the Mangistau region, enjoy local tourism. You can see the holy places of Mangistau, underground mosques, canyons, Ustyurt plateau and much more. Mangistau, like no other region of the republic is rich in architectural monuments. Which survived to this day.

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